Top 5 Rated Producers In Jos City

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Music is finding its root in the city of Jos and so far, Jos has produced lots of talented artists making waves in Nigeria and the world at large.

For a good song to be recorded, an amazing producer needs to perform his duty rightly.

In this post, we have picked our best producers in the city of Jos

Glance on them below:



On our list, Sahara made it first. Any one of you who knows or has listened to songs produced by this guy would surely testify to it.

This producer has been so good and has been the king of song maker here on the plateau.

This same producer is the one behind the production of these hit songs such as; MMM anthem “BUNKA”, OLD BOY “NWAOMA, SPLASH “CHURCH AGBASA” and many other hit songs.


Yea no doubts on this, everyone else can testify to it. Kennykriss tunes have been doing awesomely well and have put smiles on the faces of artists whom he has produced songs as they confirmed it to be of high quality.


This guy is a monster whenever it comes to mixing and production, everyone on the plateau can testify to it as most upcoming and already made artists have worked and still working with him.

Eskay won the best producer on the plateau in the recent 2015  JIN Awards.


This is another bad guy in terms of mixing and production of songs.

He is good on his keys and he is the mastermind behind these hit and dope songs such as Kido’s “JUMP AND PASS” and also has worked with the MMM GANG.


He is young and vibrant, this guy is very good and sometimes use to be compared with other top Nigerian producers.

He was the one who produced this hot bang by EFE titled “CHIDIMMA” which thrilled Jos over the years.

He also produced other songs like “ILLIGALITY” and “BADMAN” to mention but a few.

And that’s our list, check on them over and over again, use the comment box and drop your suggestions and opinions over the above list, and let us know if some names on the list worth it or not.

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