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Tips For Traveling with Kids

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Transportation by air is now so very common. People choose to voyage by flight instead of passing through the stress of ‘Road Transportation’, especially with their kids.

You will agree with me that flight makes it a lot easier for parents to tag their kids along.

Bringing it down to the topic of the day “tips for flying with kids”.

We board planes for travels, visit, vacations, and what have you.

Sometimes we tend to tag our kids along. For some of the kids, it seems so fun while for some it seems scary.

I have seen so many parents stressed to their nines.

If you happen to be a cool parent, though, the kids can read you, and they are so much better behaved. Other travelers can be a nightmare if your kids start acting up.

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Of course, flying with a baby can also be an ordeal, especially in the states, where many airlines seem ambivalent about their youngest passengers (Children).

It’s increasingly common, Ok an instance is taken for airlines to deny parents with kids the opportunity to board the plane.

Funny enough passengers of such plane may be so intolerant of kids.

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I have seen passengers who were in the same place with kids instantly go pale.

Being stuffed down with an infant, a large car seat, and an overloaded diaper bag that oozes every now and then. Oh! What an unpleasant moment for them I guess.

I’m pretty sure flight attendants have seen it all when it comes to Air travel.

There are tons of stress-reducing tips you can try out so as to cope with these travails of flying with kids. With these simple tricks, you won’t only be guaranteed a safe flight for your kid but also a pleasant one for other passengers on the aircraft.

9 Must-Know Tips For Traveling with Kids

  • Plan Ahead
  • Packing
  • You should as a guardian learn to take advantage of early boarding
  • Before you board, you should try getting into an airport without your regular size stroller
  • On the plane, you can see other parents like yourself
  • Make friends with a cabin crew
  • Learn to be polite
  • Always have a trick to combat boredom
  • Prepare for landing

1. Plan Ahead

For you to have the intention of boarding a plane with a kid, you must first of all plan ahead.

You can’t board a plane with an infant and not bring the basic things you know they need like their nappies, baby milk, or perhaps a toy.

Maybe one would think planes always have a warehouse at the back of it; well they don’t! Stock up on anything you think you and your kids would need so as not to be left hanging.

2. Packing

Depending on the age of the kid(s), you can have each child bring a small backpack filled with their toys, coloring books, crayons, craft packs, and other goodies for the flights.

You should try to avoid those cute pull bags as they are really stressful for the kid.

3. You should as a guardian learn to take advantage of early boarding

Since a kid is tagging along you need to secure an early flight.

Very important. Fly as early in the day as possible. It’s your best chance to avoid delays at take-off and landing. It’s usually less crowded too.

4. Before you board, you should try getting into an airport without your regular size stroller

I call it a “Switch stroller”. You should consider switching out your regular size stroller for an umbrella stroller. It’s much easier that way.

In a case where you have more than just a kid with you; you can always consider a kid harness (Leash) improvise but make them as comfy as possible.

5. On the plane you can see other parents like yourself

Wh0ah! A relief right? At least you aren’t the only one with the noisy kids to disturb other passengers.

Try to be friends with other parents since you guys have things in common.

Also, be prepared for a special chat with the flight attendant so as not to make your flight a boring one for you and your kid.

Bring up activities i.e games.

And oh be prepared to walk in the hall of shame Lol! And be always ready to receive numerous complaints from your kids.

6. Make friends with a cabin crew

Here is another trick; you should make friends with a cabin crew.

In a case when a parent traveling alone with their kid wants to use the restroom, you can politely ask your crew member to look after your kids while you go make use of the restroom.

A lot of people are more willing to do these things than you would imagine.

A tip- If your child is distressed, you can take a walk around the plane.

It’s really irking when other passengers complain because of the discomfort they get.

7. Learn to be polite

To avoid other passengers ‘hating on you’ as they termed it, learn to be polite.

This is very essential. I would term this “the ultimate rule” lol! You know children can’t apologies for their actions, but you as an adult can apologize on their behalf.

The biggest complaint about kids on airplanes is not really about the crying or the joy they derive in hoisting themselves upon the seat in front of them, but the seeming indifference of their parents towards the discomfort any of these may cause to other passengers.

To avoid the passenger getting annoyed simply apologize.

Ripping of headset off the balding man in the seat in front of yours, in cases like this, you apologize on their behalf.

8. Always have a trick to combat boredom

When you are on a plane with a kid, you need to plan something fun.

Firstly as a guardian, you should endeavor to ask for a window seat as it’s an amazing distraction for children to be able to look outside.

This is where you unpack those toys they came with so they can play with them. It is a long journey for sure with the kids so you should also come with your USB cable.

Aircraft now have ports so you can keep charging. Forgetting to bring their toys along could increase your pressure as a parent, not only will you be stressed out with their distress cry, the passengers won’t enjoy that either.

9. Prepare for landing

When the plane is landing, air pressure changes.

It can actually play havoc, with the kid’s tiny ear canals and is really painful for them.

This sometimes causes panic. Parents are advised to hold off on a baby’s bottle until they start the descent.

When a baby sucks that, it can help relieve the pressure.

But for toddlers and perhaps older children sucking on sweets and lollypop helps.

Or better still hold on to their hands to relieve the pressure.

You can try all these without necessarily making everyone on the plane hate you.

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