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As part of its commitment to laying a foundation towards a more open and inclusive government that allows for increased youth participation in making key national decisions in governance, economic development, and national security, the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) will be holding a National Youth Conference (NYC) in Abuja from October 12 – 15, 2021.

The Youth Conference, approved by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, is perhaps the first of its kind in Nigeria and will be completely private sector driven with the government creating the enabling environment for the private sector to contribute its quota to initiatives that will promote the place of the youth in nation-building, governance, economy, peace, and national security.

The event provides another opportunity to dialogue, harmonize and capture the goals, concerns, aspirations, plans, and contributions of the Nigerian youth towards the creation of an effective and efficient approach for future government engagements and implementation of solutions for the delivery of good governance to all Nigerians.

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This Youth conference will bring together over 370 youths from all 36 (thirty-six) states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and over 200 high-level officials from the three tiers of government and some of their agencies, high achieving youths, chieftains from various economic sectors, multilateral agencies, social enterprise organizations and experts in academic, religious and traditional areas.

In all over 500 persons are expected to attend and participate in the 4-day event which will also include a Team Building Exercise session based on the outcomes of the thematic areas.

The delegates, resource persons, and youths will brainstorm in 5 (Five) thematic-specific Breakout Sessions and harmonize cross-cutting, multi-dimensional issues with significant impact on the development of a new and progressive Nigeria that is well adapted to the realities and challenges of the 21st century.

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The Thematic Areas will focus on Politics & Nation Building, Education & Youth development, Peace, Unity & Security, Innovation & Technology, and Soft Power of Sports, Entertainment & Creatives.

According to the Honourable Minister, Chief Sunday Dare, “The goal of this intervention is the development of effective planning and delivery model for coordinating an inclusive national youth dialogue with an underpinning objective to reform the mindset of our youth towards government processes and the development of an integrated feedback mechanism that conveys the bottlenecks and hardships faced by young Nigerians. Standing in the very words of Mr. President, our mission is to drive home the promise that this administration will do everything to make sure that Nigeria works for our youth and that is what this laudable initiative seeks to kick start”.

The outcomes of the National Youth Conference and the proceedings of the breakout sessions will form an integral part of the ongoing process towards a more inclusive Nigeria that will accommodate the objectives, interests, and contributions of its youth in the Public, Social Enterprise, and Private Sectors and enable them to contribute to the growth of the socio-economic indices of the Nigeria Economy and a more vibrant Nigeria for all.

Signed: Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. Abuja.

Name and Motto of the Association (NYPP)

(1) Name
The Association shall be known and called “Nigerian Youth Peace
Project” (also referred to as “NYPP”)

(2) Motto “Peace and Unity” is our language

Aims and Objectives Of NYPP 

(i) To promote Love, Peace, Unity, Friendship, Understanding, and Coexistence in the nation Nigeria.

(ii) To promote the actualization of Peace in Nigeria.

(iii) To render support, as far as possible, towards the development and promotion of peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians irrespective of social class, tribe, religion, and ethnic group or political affiliation.

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iv) To create a common platform where the concerns of the Nigerian youths will be addressed and solicited.

(v) To provide social welfare package, based on available resources, to any member considered to be in distress or that has been affected by the vicissitudes of life, provided that such assistance is approved by the members. Membership

Membership of the association is open to all Nigerian youths not below 18 irrespective of social class, tribe, religion, ethnic group, or party affiliation.


The Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, on Saturday, September 18, 2021 has appointed 16 State & Local Government Executives to work with Mr. Onyia Hillary Chukwuebuka, the newly elected State Coordinator of Nigeria Youth Peace Project (NYPP) in Enugu State.

The vacant/available positions include:

1.The state coordinator
2. The State Deputy Coordinator
3.The State Secretary.
4.The State Assistant Secretary
5.The State Financial Secretary
6. The State Ass Fin Sec.
7. The State Auditor
8.The State Publicity Sec.
9.The State Ass. Publicity Sec.
10.The State Planning Sec.
11. The State Director of contact and mobilization
12.The State Director of welfare
13. The State Women Mobilizing Marshal
14.The State Provost Marshal
15. The State Spokes Person
16. The State spokes person for the physically challenged.

Same 16 Executive Office format goes for officers at the local government level.

The newly elected executives for the vacant positions are as follows:

State coordinator: Onyia Hillary Chukwuebuka

State Deputy Coordinator: Engr. Chinedum Stephen

State Secretary: Alu Cornelius Kenneth

State Assistant Secretary: Nnadi Chinaza Rita

State Financial Secretary: Eneugwu Obinna

State Ass Fin Sec. Onyebueke Chinelo Emelda

State Auditor: Comrd Okoro Mugid Uchechukwu

State Publicity Sec: Chimezie Moses Ozofor

State Ass. Publicity Sec.

State Planning Sec. Uwakwe Emmanuel Ihechukwu

State Director of contact and mobilization: Okoh Emmanuel Chidera

State Director of welfare: Ejah Chinyere

State Women Mobilizing Marshal: Chinedum Juliet

State Provost Marshal: Edeh Kenechukwu Michael

State Spokes Person: Egbo Emmanuel Ositadimma

The chairman revealed to JTCBLOG that the inauguration will hold next week and the official date will be unveiled.

More details soon.