“When a Lover Marries A Lover”: Adorable Wedding Photos Of A Relationship Blogger, Adetola Adegbohun

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Adetola and Tutu traditional wedding were all shades of amazing and beautiful.

Adetola and Tutu met in one of the shopping malls in Lagos.

It is so beautiful to see how their love story has moved into the phase of spending forever with each other.

The bride Tutu is a professional make-up artist and her groom Adetola is a Relationship blogger and photographer.

Mr. Adetola Adegbohun of Deedee’s blog tied the knot with his beautiful wife Tutu on the 9th of December, 2018.

Adetola who is overexcited with his newly wedded wife has this to say:

When a Lover marries a Lover! *chuckles*

It’s been a long time coming and I am grateful to God for the present and excited for the future.

We are joined together as one, not only because we love each other but because we looked at our imperfect past, plans, insights, and decided to join forces for the future.

I will tell your story, Rente Ade to the world, how amazing, a woman you are. I will preach about you to any and everyone who cares to listen.

You are the definition of sobriety in a noisy world. You are the peace and calm in a raging storm! You know the story, right?

Happy Married Life to US!

Thank you Tayo and Omolade for assisting @thePhotoblogger with these beautiful images.

I will forever relive the day a Photographer, All-in-One Digital Storyteller and serial entrepreneur married a professional make-up artist and a woman who has a keen eye for the business world.

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