A 400 level female student of the University of Jos who is on her 3 months teaching practice has taken to Facebook to share a supposed love letter from her primary 2 pupils.

Here is what she shared on Facebook;

Just when you thought your “God when” episode is getting to its peak, a child in your class gets a love letter and you’re still there like…😹

It’s the “wet N50” for me😩

Omo! When I collected it from the student I didn’t know how to react.

Shocker; The girl wrote first to him. Twice even. He then replied today.

They kept denying they didn’t know each other at first tho until I made to bring out a cane.

Asked him why he wrote a love letter. While shaking with fear he said “Aunty I wrote it to revenge for the one she has been sending me. God forbid for this kind of girl to enter my eye. My friend said if I did not write for her too, she have cheat me. Aunty I swear I am not lying” 🤦😩

“Shut up there. Me that is managing you” the girl retorted almost immediately.😳 One would think she’s a Nollywood actress.

E be like say this children don dey take Smart Pro classes because what’s this audacity laced with premium lies. In broad daylight!!! 😧

Before today, this boy would always swear that he doesn’t know how to read or write properly whenever I call on him to come read a comprehension In the class.

Now, not only does he know how to do that, he miraculously has N50 to give the love of his life if she says yes to his proposal. 😭


See the photo below!