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“By Sunday, we’re going to pray specially for all families. We’re going to pray specially for your family.”
With these words, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on the first day of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services hinted of the special prayer session for families to round up the three-day miracles packed event today.

The ongoing July 2022 Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is reaching men, women, children, and families right in their homes, cities, and nations all over the world while God’s presence has been mighty, as the impact is ever increasing, with each day eclipsing the previous.

Also, there is a special package in today’s service for families; including your family.
According to Christ Embassy, everybody is expected to be involved and urged participants to “tell everyone you know and have them ready to participate from the beginning of this special service”.

“When we meet and start praying, something significant that God has planned for you will take place, ” says Pastor Chris, underscoring that prayers of faith always receive answers.

Elaborating on the announcement during yesterday’s session of the Healing Streams, Pastor Chris intimated that today, “Is going to be a big day. In your homes you’re going to celebrate because we’re going to pray for all the families around the world.” What a way to wrap up the month of July!
“This will be an extraordinary and significant event in the lives of people across the globe. So, tell everyone, get your friends to get their families and loved ones prepared to receive all God has planned for them. None should miss it, so devote the next few hours to telling the untold. This special service starts at 3pm GMT+1 while people can participate at

Meanwhile, a review of Day 2 of the July 2022 edition of Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris has shown that the phenomenal experience of Day 1 of the event set the second day for a whole new level.

The Healing Streams Live Healing Services began at 3:00pm GMT +1 with the Loveworld Singers taking the lead in a sonorous session of praise which spurred people around the world singing songs of worship to Jesus Christ the King.

Also, Pastor Deola Phillips began the service with these words: “We are the expression of God’s Word spoken of old; they are now manifest in us. The glory of God is seen all over the world through the Healing Streams Live Healing Services.”

After a session of prayers, she shared thoughts on the love of God, expounding on Pastor Chris’ teachings from Day 1,  read from Jeremiah 29:11 and reminded the global audience of God’s thoughts towards humanity; thoughts of peace, divine health, and prosperity.

She passionately spoke words of faith to all who expect miracles adding: “Today, this meeting is put together just for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in your life. You will be well today. You will be strong today. You will experience the peace of God today. You will experience the joy of his salvation today. Only believe.”

Still building expectations, she shared remarkable testimonies from the publicity campaigns that led to the Healing Streams even as she disclosed that during one of the outreaches held by a team in India, a minister cast out devils from a woman who had been possessed for 35 years. “Today, the woman is sound and free”, she added.
Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, a senior minister at the Healing School, spoke on the impact of Day 1 of the Healing Streams and described the service as Heavenly.

“This edition of the Healing streams Live Healing services has been so remarkable. This is the ministry of the Sprit in our day. So, today, you’re going to take advantage of God’s will for you. You will experience the peace and joy of salvation today,” he said.

He also shared astonishing testimonies, among which was that of Rajani, a Canadian who was unable to bend or lift her hands for four years. “The power of God surged through her during the service; now she can bend and lift her hands without pain”, he stated.

Similarly, for the next segment, Rev. Ray Okocha took calls from healing centres across the world. Joining live to relate their experience so far and expectations were participants from Mexico and Poland.
A participant from Poland was healed from knee problems which had lasted for 20 years.
Concluding the segment, Rev. Ray emphasized this: “For you out there, you are next in line for a miracle. Healing is yours today.”
Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase welcomed live testifiers on set to share testimonies of divine healing.
Rajashri was diagnosed of stage 4 breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy, radiation, series of medication, and mastectomy. This condition rendered her helpless; unable to eat, walk, or even move. Participating in the March 2022 Healing Streams Live Healing Services, she was made whole.
For her part, Zoey Ebinum was diagnosed of atopic dermatitis at 8 months old which caused rashes and scars on her skin for years. But this came to an abrupt stop after her parents participated in the Healing Streams.

Admonishing everyone awaiting their miracle, Evang. Eddy said, “Wherever you are, your moment has come. The hour has come and you are next on the line. That same power that healed all the testifiers is present right where you are and you’ve got to take your healing. Get ready. It’s your time, it’s your moment!”

As the melodious Loveworld Singers sang, there was an atmospheric change when Pastor Chris arrived and began ministering to the sick.
Meleni from the USA received healing from umbilical hernia, multiple fibroids and cramps. A lady in the United Kingdom was healed of menorrhagia. Three years of bleeding came to an end as Pastor Chris ministered while  from China, Wang was healed from a 14-year-long back and neck pain.

There was also a flow of healing streams, as the weak were strengthened, lumps and swellings disappeared, and pains ceased.
The man of God, Pastor Chris, continued with the ministration of the Word. Teaching from 1 John chapter 5, he pointed out that, “God has given us eternal life.”
In his words, “Eternal life doesn’t just mean life that doesn’t stop. It is the term that qualifies the God-life — the type of life that God has. God has given us eternal life; the Bible is true. The claims and prophecies in the bible are true.”
As the service came to an end, Pastor Chris gave insights on what to expect at the grand finale saying, “Tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be big. In your home, you’re going to celebrate because we’re going to pray for all the families around the world. We’re going to pray for everybody, we’re going to pray you, and we’re going to pray for the nations.”

“This final session will transcend everything that has gone before. Don’t miss the opportunity for a life-transforming experience. Participate in today’s climactic episode at
Also, visit to share this beautiful experience with your online communities”.

As preparations for the July edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hots up, billions of prospective participants at the world largest event have been urged to raise their spirituality in order to fully discover and experience the life changing infinite power of God.

Media Manager of the Healing School of Christ Embassy, Mr. Olajide Babasola, who gave the advice Tuesday said the Healing Streams Live Healing Services will hold from Friday 29th – 31st July while partakers should register to participate in the programme

According to him, this month’s bumper edition like the previous one, would offer a rare opportunity for participants to experience torrents of God’s healing miracles through Pastor Chris from various diseases.

A statement issued by Babasola read in part: “The last edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome held on the 18th-20th of March 2022 with billions of people participating from every nation of the world.

“It was a flood of miracles that exceeded all expectations with phenomenal global impact and remarkable healing miracles from all kinds of illnesses including, deafness, cancer, visual impairment, arthritis, migraine and several others that continue to pour in.

“The joy of the participants knew no bounds as they continue to testify and give glory to God several weeks following the programme.
To be a part of the next edition holding this weekend from 29th – 31st July, 2022, kindly visit: www.

“God’s will is for all men to live in health and to constantly enjoy the blessings of Christ. For many, however, this divine revelation is not yet their reality. They are beaten down daily by sicknesses and diseases, living the opposite of the life God ordained for them. This is why the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is reaching billions across the world with the healing power of God through the Healing Streams Live Healing Services”.

Continuing he said Catherine from the United States of America in her testimony says, “My 3-year-old son had challenges with speaking and communicating. This gave me a lot of concern. I prayerfully prepared for the Live Healing Services in March 2022. Glory to God… We received a miracle during the programme and my son started talking on the very first day of the programme.”

“The past editions of this global healing crusade resulted in mighty demonstrations of God’s power. The sick were healed, hope was restored to many, and all kinds of mind-blowing transformations occurred. People from all walks of life participated in the services. It was a turning point in their lives; turning mourning to dancing and despair to delight.

Also testifying Brian from Ireland stated: “I suffered from pulmonary fibrosis for two years, but I received healing as I was watching the programme. I no longer feel fatigue or other symptoms. Thank you, Pastor Chris.”

Quoting Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Dsc, DD the statement added that: “divine healing is one of the beginning stages of a greater life. Healing is wonderful, but there’s a greater life than healing. God doesn’t want you to live in the realm of getting healed from one sickness or the other every now and then. He wants you to come to a place of victory where you understand divine health, which is greater than divine healing”.

He further noted that with countless lives transformed all over the globe, the “Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is truly a place of solution; where people experience God’s love, wisdom and the supernatural manifestations of the healing power of God to a hurting and dying world”.

A 400 level female student of the University of Jos who is on her 3 months teaching practice has taken to Facebook to share a supposed love letter from her primary 2 pupils.

Here is what she shared on Facebook;

Just when you thought your “God when” episode is getting to its peak, a child in your class gets a love letter and you’re still there like…😹

It’s the “wet N50” for me😩

Omo! When I collected it from the student I didn’t know how to react.

Shocker; The girl wrote first to him. Twice even. He then replied today.

They kept denying they didn’t know each other at first tho until I made to bring out a cane.

Asked him why he wrote a love letter. While shaking with fear he said “Aunty I wrote it to revenge for the one she has been sending me. God forbid for this kind of girl to enter my eye. My friend said if I did not write for her too, she have cheat me. Aunty I swear I am not lying” 🤦😩

“Shut up there. Me that is managing you” the girl retorted almost immediately.😳 One would think she’s a Nollywood actress.

E be like say this children don dey take Smart Pro classes because what’s this audacity laced with premium lies. In broad daylight!!! 😧

Before today, this boy would always swear that he doesn’t know how to read or write properly whenever I call on him to come read a comprehension In the class.

Now, not only does he know how to do that, he miraculously has N50 to give the love of his life if she says yes to his proposal. 😭


See the photo below!

Download Music TPlan Corny Love Mp3 Download ft Erigga: Wahala for south as TPlan teamed up with the pride/king of the south Erigga to serve us with another mind-blowing jam tagged “Corny Love“.

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The Britts World Entertainment singer cum producer whose last three singles Ole, Anambra to Lekki and Choked Love is currently getting massive airplay on all radio stations in the south-south and Lagos State, has once again proven to the industry that he’s certainly one of the brightest new talents in the Nigerian Music Industry.

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This collaboration with Erigga is just a tip-off of the iceberg compared to what the young man is still cooking in the studio. Production credit also goes to TPlan.

Download And Enjoy Below.


By Denen Achussah

Member of the Electoral Subcommittee of the National Convention Organising Committee for the forthcoming National Convention of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Debo Ologunagba has called on President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) to begin to prepare his handover notes. Ologunagba is a former member of the House of Representatives.

The erstwhile federal lawmaker, who made the call during a voice call interview said the PDP is repositioning to reclaim power in 2023.

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He, therefore, called on the incumbent president to begin to prepare handover notes to allow for a hitch-free transition in 2023. PMB-led All Progressives Congress (APC) is criticized for rising cases of insecurity, poverty, human rights abuses, and nepotism.

And Ologunagba reckons Nigerians made a grave mistake by trusting Buhari to come back to power in 2015. The Erstwhile federal lawmaker, is eyeing the position of the National Publicity Secretary of his party.

He has been adopted as a consensus candidate by the Ondo State and South West caucuses of the PDP.

Ologunagba said he is contesting for the office of National Publicity Secretary of PDP to convey the strong message of hope to Nigerians.

The PDP national convention is due to hold on 30th October 2021, during which the party’s national officials will be elected.

As part of its commitment to laying a foundation towards a more open and inclusive government that allows for increased youth participation in making key national decisions in governance, economic development, and national security, the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) will be holding a National Youth Conference (NYC) in Abuja from October 12 – 15, 2021.

The Youth Conference, approved by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, is perhaps the first of its kind in Nigeria and will be completely private sector driven with the government creating the enabling environment for the private sector to contribute its quota to initiatives that will promote the place of the youth in nation-building, governance, economy, peace, and national security.

The event provides another opportunity to dialogue, harmonize and capture the goals, concerns, aspirations, plans, and contributions of the Nigerian youth towards the creation of an effective and efficient approach for future government engagements and implementation of solutions for the delivery of good governance to all Nigerians.

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This Youth conference will bring together over 370 youths from all 36 (thirty-six) states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and over 200 high-level officials from the three tiers of government and some of their agencies, high achieving youths, chieftains from various economic sectors, multilateral agencies, social enterprise organizations and experts in academic, religious and traditional areas.

In all over 500 persons are expected to attend and participate in the 4-day event which will also include a Team Building Exercise session based on the outcomes of the thematic areas.

The delegates, resource persons, and youths will brainstorm in 5 (Five) thematic-specific Breakout Sessions and harmonize cross-cutting, multi-dimensional issues with significant impact on the development of a new and progressive Nigeria that is well adapted to the realities and challenges of the 21st century.

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The Thematic Areas will focus on Politics & Nation Building, Education & Youth development, Peace, Unity & Security, Innovation & Technology, and Soft Power of Sports, Entertainment & Creatives.

According to the Honourable Minister, Chief Sunday Dare, “The goal of this intervention is the development of effective planning and delivery model for coordinating an inclusive national youth dialogue with an underpinning objective to reform the mindset of our youth towards government processes and the development of an integrated feedback mechanism that conveys the bottlenecks and hardships faced by young Nigerians. Standing in the very words of Mr. President, our mission is to drive home the promise that this administration will do everything to make sure that Nigeria works for our youth and that is what this laudable initiative seeks to kick start”.

The outcomes of the National Youth Conference and the proceedings of the breakout sessions will form an integral part of the ongoing process towards a more inclusive Nigeria that will accommodate the objectives, interests, and contributions of its youth in the Public, Social Enterprise, and Private Sectors and enable them to contribute to the growth of the socio-economic indices of the Nigeria Economy and a more vibrant Nigeria for all.

Signed: Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. Abuja.

Name and Motto of the Association (NYPP)

(1) Name
The Association shall be known and called “Nigerian Youth Peace
Project” (also referred to as “NYPP”)

(2) Motto “Peace and Unity” is our language

Aims and Objectives Of NYPP 

(i) To promote Love, Peace, Unity, Friendship, Understanding, and Coexistence in the nation Nigeria.

(ii) To promote the actualization of Peace in Nigeria.

(iii) To render support, as far as possible, towards the development and promotion of peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians irrespective of social class, tribe, religion, and ethnic group or political affiliation.

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iv) To create a common platform where the concerns of the Nigerian youths will be addressed and solicited.

(v) To provide social welfare package, based on available resources, to any member considered to be in distress or that has been affected by the vicissitudes of life, provided that such assistance is approved by the members. Membership

Membership of the association is open to all Nigerian youths not below 18 irrespective of social class, tribe, religion, ethnic group, or party affiliation.