Alleged Side-Chick: Mrs. Justina Is Confirmed To Be Married To Chief Ikpea

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The Mrs. Atnes Ikpea saga reminded me of my childhood days when I came across a James Hardly Chase novel — while the front of the novel depicted sexual content, the main story of the novel said something else entirely. Nigerians can be hasty to castigate an individual, especially if they are smeared with lies that place them in a bad light.

The Internet has been agog with the news of Chief Ikpea seeking a court petition to dissolve his 39-year marriage to Mrs. Atnes Ikpea. As usual, there were lots of accusations and counter-accusations, but none of them was as bad as labeling Mrs. Justina, who happens to be the second wife of Chief Ikpea — a side chick.

Chief Ikpea and his 2nd wife at their Traditional Wedding
Chief Ikpea and his 2nd wife, Mrs. Justina at a function

Mrs. Justina has been at the brunt of the vexation from Nigerians who were fed with half-truth regarding the situation due to her youthful looks and charisma.

It’s confirmed that Mrs. Justina has been married for 24-years to Chief Ikpea — every martial right was fulfilled, and no stones were left unturned in that regard.

Mrs Justina
From Right, Mrs. Justina followed by Chief Ikpea

I wonder when becoming a second wife equates to being a side chick? In what Universe is that even allowed?

More evidence to this claim shows a romantic birthday shout-out from Chief Ikpea to Mrs. Justina. In his words:

“I celebrate today because it brings me joy. Because it is your birthday. A Sweet and Caring woman, a FAITHFUL WIFE, AND A DEPENDABLE PARTNER… An exemplary model of a WIFE AND MOTHER…”

Chief Ikpea birthday message to Justina
Chief Ikpea birthday message to Justina

All these clout chasers on the internet will get themselves into deep trouble if they don’t decrease from spreading rumors and lies, and if you are guilty of badmouthing Mrs. Justina Ikpea, it will do you good to apologize in the same vein you were quick to judge and abuse Mrs. I

Group Family photo of Chief Ikpea, Mrs Justina and other family members
Group Family photo of Chief Ikpea, Mrs. Justina, and other family members of the entire family. Father(Husband), first and
second wives with all the children. The second
wife is seen carrying one of the grandchildren.

So you may know, Regina Daniels was called a side chick when she was seen together with Billionaire Ned Nwoko.

This was so because, it was what the blogs and internet made the readers believe. So is Mrs. Justina case. She’s not just a new wife to Chief Ikpea but a long time wedded wife to him.

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