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NYPP: Aims And Objectives/Everything You Need To Know

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Name and Motto of the Association (NYPP)

(1) Name
The Association shall be known and called “Nigerian Youth Peace
Project” (also referred to as “NYPP”)

(2) Motto “Peace and Unity” is our language

Aims and Objectives Of NYPP 

(i) To promote Love, Peace, Unity, Friendship, Understanding, and Coexistence in the nation Nigeria.

(ii) To promote the actualization of Peace in Nigeria.

(iii) To render support, as far as possible, towards the development and promotion of peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians irrespective of social class, tribe, religion, and ethnic group or political affiliation.

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iv) To create a common platform where the concerns of the Nigerian youths will be addressed and solicited.

(v) To provide social welfare package, based on available resources, to any member considered to be in distress or that has been affected by the vicissitudes of life, provided that such assistance is approved by the members. Membership

Membership of the association is open to all Nigerian youths not below 18 irrespective of social class, tribe, religion, ethnic group, or party affiliation.

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